Spring Equinox Myth and Meditation – Balance of Masculine and Feminine

by Vivian Hadleigh on March 16, 2013

Return of the Son to Balance the Feminine Force

Since Samhain or Hallowe’en the Goddess has walked alone.

Only her pregnancy since Imbolc assures her that she will again meet her sacred partner and consort at the Spring Equinox.  While the Virgin and Crone aspects of the Goddess are whole in themselves, the Mother aspect of the Goddess wants and requires a mate for fulfillment of her cyclic destiny.

She finally meets him at the Spring Equinox, which occurs annually in the Northern Hemispheres between March 20 and 23.

We humans usually experience this change vividly with the most startling astrological shift of the year. The Sun leaves the peaceful, dreamy and spiritual sea of Pisces and enters the fiery, assertive sign of Aries at the Equinox.

Suddenly we are jarred out of our dreamy winter and spring states. There’s a collective awakening to the fact that it’s time to get moving, to forge new paths, to conquer obstacles, to race toward goals, to accomplish something vital NOW!

While Christian mythology has placed the rebirth of the Son/Sun at the Winter Solstice, older traditions time the god’s emergence at the moment that hours of light become longer than the hours of darkness.

Both Spring and Fall Equinoxes are about balance, a moment of perfect equilibrium in the annual cycle of seasonal changes, when dark and light, feminine and masculine meet as equals. In the Spring they begin their courtship.

Universal energies are seen as having both masculine and feminine elements in many mythologies worldwide, opposites whose dual presence is required to bring the Universe into a state of harmony and balance. The Taoist Chinese symbol for yin and yang, with its swirling, almost-touching curves of black and white, each with a dot of its opposite at the heart, is probably the most popular image that illustrates this concept.

Black and white in this context are not about good and evil. Rather, they are balancing and necessary forces, like day and night.

Because the Northern Hemisphere seasons are cycling toward more light now, the god is in his ascendancy at the Spring Equinox. The goddess is becoming a mature female, and she, of course, is met by her equal—the god as a warrior armored with the Sun, full of vigor and fertility. They both are reaching sexual maturity, and are ready for a relationship. By the next pagan holy day, Beltane, they will become mates and consorts.


Helping the Goddess find a worthy mate can be done ritually or internally through meditation and visualization. However, this is not easy in today’s world, because we lack both the examples and the rituals to help our young men move from adolescence to full maturity. All too many modern men never do make the transition.

According to psychologist Carl Jung, the psyche of every woman contains a balancing male presence (animus), just as men’s inner landscapes contain a feminine presence (anima). The masculine or animus is the spark, the doer, the creator and organizer, the aspect that acts out in the world. The feminine or anima attracts, inspires, conceives, gestates and nurtures. She is the womb.

Bringing the polar opposite in your own psyche into greater maturity and psychological health is probably the most powerfully healing thing you can do on the Equinoxes, for yourself, and for all life.

Because the masculine force is struggling to find healthy expression in modern culture, and especially if you don’t have a strong, positive, mature masculine force in your life, you may want to begin your preparations for Spring Equinox by buying and reading the book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. This extremely popular and accessible book has been a big seller since the early 1990’s, and even though reading it is quick and easy, it will probably permanently and profoundly change your idea of what separates men from boys.

The Spring Equinox is an opportunity for women to go within and conjure your inner masculine or animus as the most self-actualized, compelling, protective, strong, and responsible being you can imagine. Imagine him taking part in your life, and what how you would want him, as the anchor and magnet for masculine energy in your life, to take part.

For men, this is the time to dig deep into your experience, personal history, dreams, and imagination, resurrecting and creating high and far-reaching values and ideals, ones which can inspire you to expand and grow as a man.


The meditation itself is simple. Find a quiet and relaxing space, have note-taking tools on hand, get comfortable, and go within. You may want to use the clearing and grounding meditation which is free to listen to and/or download on this site.

Imagine that you have placed all the inspiring, uplifting, positive values, plans, goals, ideals and tasks you’ve created for your inner masculine entity in a golden bowl which sits in front of you.

Next imagine that in your heart chakra or heart space is a luminous golden egg which, when it opens, reveals the sacred twins of your essential masculine and feminine natures. Notice their relative positions, the strength of each one’s energy, and how they relate to each other.

Visualize or feel yourself stepping into your heart chakra and pouring the golden bowl full of the powerful energy, ideas, and feelings you’ve created into your masculine essence, through the top of his head. Watch him expanding, becoming more light-filled, clearer, energetic, and vivid as you pour. Tell yourself, and him, that this expanded state is permanent, and that he will continue to be empowered and expanded by the energies you have poured into him.

Finally, step back and look at your inner masculine and feminine presences together. Do they match? Are they suitable for each other? Will they support and enhance each other as they help you navigate your day-to-day world?

If not, allow your inner Wise Being to consider how they may be brought into balance by deepening and strengthening the feminine, and use those insights in the coming months, to be completed during your Fall Equinox meditation.

This is a chapter from my book Sacred Cycles: Ancient Doorways to Inner Space.

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