Karma, Your Life Path & Numerology

by Vivian Hadleigh on January 19, 2013

Karma and life path go hand in hand to create the turning points, the challenges and opportunities, that define our lives. Numerology is the simplest of all divination systems, and what you can learn from doing these simple calculations can be mind-boggling, and life changing! Next week: Understanding Karma

Karma is not about punishment and suffering — it’s about acquiring wisdom and achieving balance over a cycle of lifetimes. If you resist the lessons, yes, it can cause difficulty. But if you willingly learn to understand and then follow your karmic path, it will lead to great wisdom and strength.

Numerology reveals several aspects of your karma, which you can discover from your birth name, current name, and birth date. As with most numerology, the information is very easy to calculate and the insights can be remarkably helpful. So, break out pencil, paper, and calculator and prepare to learn some cool stuff!

Karmic Test Numbers
There are four double-digit numbers, which can indicate important karmic challenges in your life: 13, 15, 16, and 19. The first three numbers bring more than usual change and challenges into the area of your life that’s affected. 19 is more about initiating action than responding to events.

Karmic Test numbers only matter if they appear as your power/destiny number, or in your name as your Inner Self/Motivation/Individuality Number, your Impression/Heart Self /Personality Number, or your Expression/Outer Self/Mental Number. In each case, you can learn how to deal with your karmic test by understanding the essence of the base number. For example, 13 is reduced to 4 (1+3=4), and is normally written as “13/4,” and in order to master the 13 test, you need to apply 4′s abilities of diligence, organization, and profound understanding of patterns and systems to the part of your life involved.

Test 13/4 – Learn to use spiritual values for all of your structures. Choices, relationships, and businesses built on anything else go awry.

Test 14/5 – Learn detachment. You don’t get to keep things for long in the area of life affected — learn to let go and look forward to the next adventure.

Test 16/7 – You are the lighting rod in this challenge. Wherever you go — to a new job, a new relationship, a new locale — your presence triggers change. Ride the lightning bolt.

Test 19/10/1 – In this challenge, you must put your originality, courage, and independence to work in service to humanity. You have many, many karmic encounters.

Karma Numbers
To discover other numerology source of karma insights, first analyze your birth name and current legal and everyday names.

After you’ve done that, just write the numbers 1 through 9, each on a separate line, down the side of a page. Then, next to the number 1, write down every occurrence of a letter which vibrates to the number 1 (A, J, and S), and so on through 9, until you’ve written down all the letters in your birth name. Then do the same thing on separate pages for each of the names you presently use, both legal and everyday.

Any number which has no letters next to it is a Karma Number. Note how your karma changes with your names.

1 – Lack of motivation, confidence, and direction must be transformed into initiative and independence. You start with the first step: positive thought.

2 – Vacillation, stagnation, and apathy can be retrained by acting supportive and learning sensitivity to others’ needs.

3 – Change difficulty in expressing feelings, lack of sociability, and lack of imagination/creativity by finding creative outlets and learning meditation.

4 – Lack of concentration, haste, and disorganization are healed by discovering your own way of organizing all areas of life, plus exercise and physical work.

5 – Resistance to change, intolerance and fear of the unknown respond well to constructive use of your high vitality, and yoga to teach physical flexibility.

6 – Irresponsibility, lack of interest in your domestic situation, and carelessness require calm surroundings, proper diet, and a service to a cause.

7 – Generalized fear, mental fuzziness, and lacking awareness of spirituality respond well to meditation, careful diet, and periods of quiet and meditation devoted to developing faith

8 – Lack of self control and stability – especially with money – and poor judgment, change as you understand the law of cause and effect:  by your own actions, you create your reality!

9 – In only this case, two or fewer letters equaling 9 indicate karma. Coldness, or jealousy and rage, can be tempered by selfless service, which will awaken creative abilities and bring control of emotions and personal detachment.

After you find your karmic numbers, you might say to yourself, “Oh! So that’s why I am that way!” The next thought will be: “Hey! Now I can see how to strengthen and honor this part of myself, which I’ve always found so difficult.” Go for it!

And if you have questions, just ask!

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