If Your Soul Mate Opts Out, Part 4 of 4

by Vivian Hadleigh on March 25, 2013

Very few things are as painful emotionally, for men and women alike, as losing, or never consummating, a relationship with someone you believe is a soul partner.

And it doesn’t seem to matter whether you recognized the other person as a soul friend, soul mate, or some other kind of soul relationship, the fact is, if you have the unshakeable conviction that the purpose the two of you share is unfulfilled, then it seems impossible to let go.

If you find yourself hearing and even agreeing with loving advice, or even harangues from friends and family about letting go—and still not being able to let go—take heart. You can and will heal and move on.

Take it higher

In order to find your way through to healing in these cases, it’s essential to work on it at a soul, not a personality, level. This is important for several reasons.

First, if you’re approaching this on a soul level by using a technique like the one in the blog post Soul-to-Soul Communication, you won’t interfere with anyone’s karma or free will.

Second, since the agreement was originally made on a soul level, it can only be fully understood on that level.

And third, since your Soul or Higher Self will be your mediator, it gives you absolute freedom and safety in which to express all your feelings, the high and the low, the murderous and the weepy, the vengeful and the compassionate.

Stuck in personality level

As long as your personality is struggling along, trying to fix or figure out the situation without the wisdom and perspective of the soul, it’s almost impossible to let go.

When you’ve conferred with, and then handed your sorrow and frustrations over to, the soul essences of both you and the partner you wanted, miracles can occur. It’ll help if you understand how miracles work, so take a look at the blog post Miracles 101 even before you use the soul to soul communication technique.

Unexpected results

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have a relationship after all—in this lifetime, at least. It does, however, mean that an open wound—the feeling that you’re struggling with a severed limb, or that you’re walled in by sorrow or an inability to see any future when the one you expected is denied you—can and will be healed, and you can be happy and fulfilled again, when and if you relate to the situation on a soul level.

See Also: Soul Agreements, Soul Friends, and Soul to Soul Communication, all chapters from my book Embracing Life in a Challenging World.

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