Healing Relationships Using Soul-to-Soul Communication, Soulmates Part 3 of 4

by Vivian Hadleigh on March 23, 2013

When Personalities Get in the Way

Being soul mates or soul friends does not guarantee an effortless, magical relationship.

Sometimes one partner refuses to participate, sometimes external circumstances crash a lovely, loving partnership. Perhaps your soul mate died, or you’re separated for a long period and unable to converse regularly. Sometimes one partner simply doesn’t ‘get it’ and you would like to awaken the soulful connection between you.

The good news is that your soul-level connection permits a kind of multi-dimensional communication which isn’t as easy with ‘regular’ relationships.

The following meditation can be extremely helpful and comforting in almost any circumstance—even in cases where one soul partner opted out and refuses to see or speak to the other.

The beauty of it is, because you’re connecting to your soul partner or friend through the auspices of your soul-level or Higher Selves, you can say anything, express even thoughts and feelings that could be damaging in a face-to-face conversation, and you won’t create negative karma. This is because your respective souls are ‘translating’ the expressions of your personality into form and content that has meaning on that level.

In other words, this technique allows you free and full expression of frustrations, anger, longing and regret without fear of repercussions, because the wise, eternal and detached souls of each party are the mediators and translators.

Soul communion meditation & mediation

During the following meditation, your two souls communicate with each other on behalf of their respective people.

Then the souls ‘repackage’ or translate the information and insights and compassion they exchanged on your behalf, and convey it to their individual person, the incarnated extension of them, in whatever form is most effective, whether it’s in dreams, or gut feelings, or signs, or as clear messages during the session.


To prepare for the meditation, create a quiet space, and place two chairs facing each other. As you do this visualization, remember that the more senses you use at each stage—imagining or experiencing sight, sound, taste, touch, feeling and intuition—the more parts of your brain are activated, and the more effective the meditation and its outcome will be. A good way to activate your senses would be to use the Four Elements Meditation available free on this site to begin your session. Then …

Sit in one chair, and imagine your soul partner sitting in the other. Remember, use all your senses.

Next, visualize your soul as a star high over your head, and imagine that a beam of light connects your soul to you, shining down through the top of your head, down through your body, and out the base of your spine to latch onto the molten core of the earth.

Then imagine your soul partner has the same connection with their soul star, and with the earth.

Complete the energy connection or ‘grid’ by imagining, seeing, or feeling a beam of light extend from your soul star to the other soul star.

Let it all hang out!

Next, give it all to your soul, everything, the good the bad and the ugly. Cry if you need to, or scream, but let it all hang out!

Take as long as you need, making sure to give yourself time to unearth levels of feeling that have been blocked because you’ve felt you had to hold back for social or karmic reasons. Even things you have suppressed because they felt personally dangerous can be brought to light here and healed if you choose.

Then sit quietly while the souls commune. And expect the unexpected, from having the soul partner imagined in the other chair actually converse with you during the meditation, to having their soul or yours speak to you directly, or having them contact you personally at the end of the meditation.

As often as you need

You can do this meditation as often as you like, and if you’re experiencing heartache or extreme distress because of this relationship, you should do it two to three times at a minimum.

Keep in mind that, since you’re working on a level beyond the desires and convictions of your personality, you don’t get to control what happens. Don’t think that you can do this meditation to create a desired outcome. That is the province of your souls.

Simply know that whatever occurs is truly for the highest good of everyone involved, and if you’re shocked or upset rather than comforted by the outcome, go back to your soul connection and ask for help and explanations.

If you’re experiencing heartache, and you’re willing to invest even a tenth of the time into your healing process that you’ve spent feeling miserable, you will not only be able to determine whether or not it’s time to move on—and then do it if need be—you’ll also have found closure in the process.

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