Do you know your Life Theme? 46 Life Path Descriptions

by Vivian Hadleigh on December 11, 2012

I’d like to introduce my first guest blogger, Psychic Medium Ronalafae—who happens to be the only psychic I’ve consulted in more than a decade.

Ronalafae uses her psychic medium abilities to determine your Life Themes, and her description below has inspired me to plan a series of posts over the next six weeks about how to discover your Life Themes using astrology and numerology. Then we’ll move on to spiritual guides, which Ronalafae also introduces below.

Next week I’ll be discussing how the Winter Solstice opens up an opportunity that few understand these days. The week after I’ll post a great meditation for winter, and then we’ll get back to the Life Path and Soul Family themes.

Without further ado, heeeerrrrreeee’s Ronalafae!

“We come to earth to learn and evolve spiritually. We all need one another, like cogs on a wheel, to keep moving forward. Themes are the running river that guides our individual lives. We each have one main theme, but can have two side themes which can sometimes compliment and sometimes distract from our main theme. Some people will deny their themes, others will embrace them like a badge of honor.

“When you decide to incarnate, the first thing you have to do is come up with a ‘theme.’ It’s just like any higher place of learning. You will need some goals (your major), a  ‘lesson plan,’ and some direction for success.

“Once you have your plan, you need a support group to help guide and protect you on the path you have chosen. These are your Guides and Angels.

“Once you have your theme, plan, and support group, you go before a committee to get permission for an incarnation. This is why we are told that we will never be given something that we can’t handle, because we ourselves create our own life obstacles before we areborn.

“We have convinced the committee that we can succeed, and signed a contract to that effect! I see a person’s Life Paths as part of their life chart.

“However, if you want to find out on your own, just read the list and pay attention to what speaks to you, or ask someone close to you to point out what they feel are your themes.”

Here are Ronalafae’s Life Themes:

Activator.  Often called activists today, they are ones to turn around broken ideas.

Aesthetic. Starting as young prodigies of the arts, these people are driven by deep need for the creative expression.

Analyzer. Peels back every layer to find out what lies hidden. They love science, research, pretty much all technical fields.

Banner Carrier. They are first to pick up a picket sign, and to fight for injustice. It’s best for these people to pick one goal and stick to it.

Builder. They are the glue that keeps society intact, the ones who keep the family unit strong. Without them there would be no community, family, or organization.  They go to work without much fanfare, but are pivotal to the world as we know it.

Caretaker.  They take joy from caring for others. It gives their life purpose, and they have an energy of love that bonds them to those they care for.

Catalyst. They get the ball rolling and make things move seamlessly from one event to another. They are quick to adjust, and, in fact, they don’t like stagnation because they get bored easily.

Cause Fighter. The voice of those who cannot speak for themselves: whales, hunger, human rights, the list goes on forever. The cause fighter can place themselves and the ones they fight for in the limelight, but they can attract danger as well.

Controller. They are compelled dictate to others how they should live, down to the smallest detail. They are great manipulators, and often fool people into giving up their power and control to them.

Feeler. The proverbial “drama queens,” these people feel extremes in all things. There is never an even keel, just huge mountains or deep valleys, and all things are magnified.

Experiencer. This person can’t sit still. They have many irons in the fire, and look to add new ones all the time. Once they succeed at something, they say “been there, done that” and move on to new adventures.

Fallible. Often people far along in their evolutionary cycle, ones with high spiritual energies, pick this theme as a challenge. They are sometimes born with a deformity, a mental health issue, or often appear as if they have really bad luck, as though nothing comes through for them. They are here to set an example for the rest of the world.

Follower. They are the indispensable support system for the leaders. Without them, leaders would all fall apart. They are essential to the ebb and flow of society. They often guide the leader in such a way that the follower’s influence is really the stronger of the two, but the leader gets the fame.

Harmonizer. The key here is balance and moderation in all things. They do not take much risk, and don’t often stand up fervently for anything, either. They love their peace; just don’t rock their boat.

Healer. They are naturally drawn to the healing arts, whether medical or spiritual.

Humanitarian. They fight the good fight. They take the cause personally, allowing it to affect their daily lives. They will stop traffic to help a mother duck cross and her chicks the road, but to get them really driven, just add a human need to the cause. Then you have a warrior! They often put others’ needs before their own.

Infallible. They seem to have it all, wealth, looks, and luck. They are the ones that cause people to say “they can step in dog poop and come out smelling like a rose!” They bring out jealousy, lust, and longing in some people, but they also give the rest of us something to aspire to.

Intellectual. This person will never stop trying to find new ways and paths of learning. They are lifelong students. Never satisfied with simple answers, they can most easily be found in their own heads.

Irritant. Nothing is good enough, they find fault in all things. They will help others learn patience and tolerance. If you get one of these for a boss, good luck!

Judge-Advocate. They usually judge even their own lives by social norms of right or wrong. They will be the first to stand up and be a witness to a crime or other event. They want everything to be “fair and balanced,” and often have career in law or politics.

Lawfulness. Often they will take jobs in law, but sometimes what they really want is power and control.

Leader. They usually take their followers down a well-established path. They are self-disciplined and command respect.

Loner. Uncomfortable around others, the loner often contributes to society from the back room. They desire isolation but still feel connected to the whole and usually watch closely from the sidelines.

Loser. These individuals are very negative, and take a victim stance in all things. They are the ones who may actually seem lucky and can win, but never see the good in the situation, such as winning the $600 million lottery only to complain that they have to pay taxes on it.

Manipulator. This is a very strong theme, because Manipulators can change the course of someone else’s path by causing people to do what the Manipulator wants instead. They see life as a game, and we are all just pawns. They will do whatever it takes to get their own desires fulfilled, with little or no regard for the harm it does to others.

Passive. Passives are very busy standing still. Have you ever tried to stand really still? It’s hard. People with this theme can be very draining and can push others away when they can’t make up their minds, or commit to anything.

Patience. You must have a very old soul to master this theme. This theme breeds guilt and stress of all kinds. It’s a life of hurry up and wait. The brass ring is always inches from your grasp and a carrot is always dangling where you can smell but not reach it.

Pawn.  Pawns trigger movemen,t and often at their own expense. They are the starters of new trends in the conscious of the whole. They expose defects but take the brunt of the blows to get the problem to be seen by society as a whole. The eradication of racism has required many Pawns to bring the issue to the forefront.

Peacemaker. The peacemaker is just that, the maker of peace. But that doesn’t mean they roll over. They can be aggressive and stand strong, both for their beliefs, and to help others find the path of compromise. They feel war has no purpose other than flexing of muscles like children on a playground. They will often put themselves at risk to gain control over a volatile situation, in order to gain peace.

Perfectionist. They are very innovative, and hold themselves to a higher standard. Taken too far, people with this theme can push others away, making them feel like they are never good enough.

Performance. These “wild children” love to party! They must entertain, and often will have careers as wedding planners, or in the performing arts. They need to be center stage and often get burnt out from overdoing. They are high energy and high maintenance relationships.

Persecution. They are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. They will often worry that if life is good they will pay the price for it later. They are great self-sabotagers.

Poverty. You see people with this path more in third world countries. The odd part of this theme that it’s more about how a person perceives his/her situation rather than the actual circumstance. A person can have all their needs met but still feel poor. On the other hand an indigenous Bushman might only have one cow to his name and feel very rich, indeed.

Psychic. The theme of psychic is very challenging, and some see it more as a curse than a gift. Without training and control it can be very difficult, to say the least. Not all psychics carry this theme. Themes are meant to be a challenge, something to perfect or to move beyond. Most psychics who claim that life and do it professionally do not have a psychic theme.

Rejection. This theme manifests itself early in one’s life; a parent abandons the child, they are an outcast at school, and can’t seem to keep a relationship, or are denied one at all. This theme is hard on the heart.

Rescuer. This person sees the good in everyone and wants to help people get through their struggles. They are the enablers, and often end up being the one to get hurt. You will often see them paired with cause fighters, caught up in their empathy for a cause, and once the cause fighter has moved on the rescuer remains to sweep up the mess and tend to the injured.

Responsibility. They can be micromanagers; they are passionate about meeting all the needs of the world. And this is not about morals or obligation. They feel a calling to make it their life mission.

Spirituality. They tend to pull the energy from the universe as a light for others to see. Mother Teresa is a great example. But they must be careful not to become judgmental.

Survivors. Often seen as uptight, Survivors are at their best when in crisis, and are often on the lookout for something to overcome.

Temperance. They are dealing with the extremes, and often struggle with addiction of some kind. Their great adversary is moderation. This theme carries with it great emotions linked to the human body.

Tolerance. What’s funny about this theme is that it has very limited focus. People with this path often find one thing/person to tolerate and become judgmental or short-fused with everything else. People will often say about them, “I have no idea why s/he puts up with” a particular person or situation, for they seem to be stuck in a bad situation and can’t see (or won’t admit) how bad it really is.

Victim. They are the martyrs and the poor lambs led to the slaughter. They announce their victimization to the world around them. Often victim-themed people place themselves in situations where they can be victimized so they can demonstrate their endurance, but it is only worth it if there’s an audience for their performance. A victim will not suffer in silence.

Victimizer. These are the most charted “karmic co-incarnation contracts,” some of the most famous being Hitler and Napoleon. We need these people to help us reach our own potential and meet our goals.

Warrior. These individuals stand to protect, regardless of the risk or fear. They often go into the military, police force, or some other form of fight and command. They make life safe for the rest of us, regardless of the cause. They do not need a reason to battle, other than the battle itself.

Wealth. People often say “this is the theme I want,” but be careful what you wish for. It breeds mistrust, dissent, and greed. It may actually take many lifetimes to master the theme’s challenges.

Winner. This person is always thinking the next big deal will be better. They are always striving for the next great win. They are the ones who will win the lottery and run back out and spend all of it on slots, or more tickets. The odds mean nothing to them, and they often win, but it’s never enough, they want more, more, more…

If you want to consult with Ronalafae, she can be reached by email at, by telephone at (360) 673-7466 or (360) 673-1803, on her Facebook page (as Psychic Ronalafae) or via her web site:

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