Crystals-Prepare to Be Amazed!

by Vivian Hadleigh on August 23, 2014

What Quartz Crystals Can Do


Shamans, wise women, alchemists, and magicians have for centuries used crystals in their work.

Then, in the late 1980’s, IBM research scientist Marcel Vogel quantified, identified and demonstrated quartz crystals’ properties and how they could be applied to healing, meditation, and other metaphysical practices. After he went on to train some spiritual healers in crystals’ varied uses, it was only a matter of time before the healers’ enthusiasm shot crystals to the top of metaphysical pop charts.

FATTS – This acronym is the key to what Vogel documented about the therapeutic capacities of quartz crystals, including amethyst, Herkimer, citrine, smoky, Elestial, and rose quartz. Translated, it means that crystals can Focus, Amplify, Transform, Transmit, and Store energy.


To use crystals for any of these tasks (which are further described below), you first need to get into a centered, meditative space, holding a crystal you’ve already established a connection with. Next, you can learn how to send energy through or draw energy into a crystal using breath, visualization and, when you’re expert, directing energy with your will. Using Crystals: an ePocket Guide, and other excellent crystal books, could help you learn how to do all of this.

Focus – Crystals can focus your energy to a very exact point when you direct energy in through the base and out the tip of a natural crystal. The exercise in Chapter 3 of Using Crystals: an ePocket Guide teaches you one very effective technique. Since it’s hard to find polished crystals that honor the original inner structure, it is preferable to use natural crystals whose points are as flawless as possible.

Amplify – When you find a crystal with an internal structure that resonates strongly, it will amplify any energy that you direct through it.

Transform/Transmit – Crystals can not only get rid of negative energy by transforming it, they can emit energy that has been given a specific purpose, such as healing, or calm, or protection. Chapter 4 of Using Crystals: an ePocket Guide can give you one technique. You can also send and receive information psychically by holding a crystal programmed for that purpose.

Store – In 1994, scientists were able to store and then retrieve a digital holographic image of the Mona Lisa in the subatomic structure of a quartz crystal. I’ve been able to connect to a crystal I’m holding to store and retrieve the energies, and a certain amount of the information, from weekend spiritual workshops…even years later!

And, best of all-here’s an additional quality which I discovered during my work with crystals: Each one has its own sparkly, individual “personality” and “life path,” and when you get to know them, it’s kind of like having fairies around the house.

If you want to try a rocket-launcher energy tool, check out this page on my blog: Crystal Gridworks 101 (or Crystal Gridworks for Dummies)

For lots more fun, surprising and ingenious ideas, get your own copy of Using Crystals: an ePocket Guide!

This originally appeared in October, 2009 as What Crystals Can Do, the first in a series of five articles published by California Psychics in two parts, and which is copywritten by them and published with the permission of Outlook Amusements, Inc, the owner and operator of California Psychics ®.

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