Astrology and Your Life Theme, Purpose or Path

by Vivian Hadleigh on January 3, 2013

Astrology & Your Soul’s Evolution

Many past life experts agree that souls tend to evolve in cycles, spending a certain number of lifetimes mastering a specific evolutionary goal, and developing qualities or gifts which will then be used in later cycles.

The key to deciphering where you are in your soul’s journey is in the Moon’s phase at your birth, which shows in your astrological chart as the ‘aspect’ between your Sun and Moon.

Most astrological charts and reports will tell you if there’s a close aspect between your Sun and Moon, like a square or a trine, but not whether it’s applying or separating, and waxing or waning, which are important.

Applying simply means it’s a bit less than exact (say 87 rather than 90 degrees), in other words coming up on exact contact; separating means it’s past the exact moment of contact.

The simplest way to find out if an aspect is waxing or waning, i.e. before or after the Full Moon (180 degrees) is to turn your chart wheel so the Sun symbol (circle with a dot in the center) is at what would be the noon position on an old-fashioned clock. Because planets move counter-clockwise, if your Moon (the crescent shape in your chart) is on the right hand side of the circle, then it’s after the Full Moon, or waning. If it’s in the left hand section, then it’s prior to the Full Moon, or waxing.

Trust me, this is not as confusing as it sounds, and you’ll find the results very interesting and fun!

Here are what the eight phases of soul growth mean:

Instigator (New Moon, 0-45 degrees waxing) – Because you’re at the beginning of a cycle, you are gifted with the ability to respond brilliantly and unpredictably to every new situation. People find your leadership irresistible. You’re learning as you go, building a totally new paradigm or foundation from successes … and failures.

Escapee (Crescent Moon, sextile or applying square, 45-90 degrees waxing) – Your task is to free yourself from the patterns of your family or cultural background. Not everyone escapes the first lifetime around, partly because the drive to separate begins unconsciously, and partly because you need to develop the necessary spiritual muscle as part of your growth.

Activist (First Quarter Moon, separating square or trine, 90-135 degrees waxing) – Plunging ahead where angels fear to tread, in this phase you clear away what you know in your gut is old and obsolete so the future has room to grow. Having already freed yourself from family and cultural assumptions, this time you are clearing the way for others to follow.

Systems Analyst (Gibbous Moon, applying opposition or inconjunct, 135-180 degrees waxing) –In this phase it’s all in the details! You continually ask why, how, and how can it be better or more efficient. You create techniques rather than concepts, and you can be a rabid perfectionist until you learn that the cookie cutter approach doesn’t always cut it.

Seeker (Full Moon, separating opposition or inconjunct, 180-135 degrees waning) – This time you’re either the fool or the guru, and sometimes you’re both. After several cycles spent mastering the how’s and why’s of society, this time you’re learning that what you do isn’t nearly as important as what it means. What you look like, what others think of it, have no meaning once you become what you’re seeking.

Believer (Disseminating Moon, trine or applying square,135-90 degrees waning) – In this phase you teach what you’ve become. Everything you’ve learned and absorbed through your soul’s experiences as Instigator, Escapee, Activist, Systems Analyst and Seeker provides fuel for the ideals and visions which motivate you so strongly. If you’re in the phase where everything’s really easy, don’t sleep through it!

Changer (Last Quarter Moon, separating square or sextile, 90-45 degrees waning) – A part of you understands that you’re nearing completion of this journey. You know in your bones that change equals renewal, and that this is the key to success for this phase. On the surface you seem to be like everyone else, until one morning you wake up and announce that you’re leaving and starting over. And you may do this more than once.

Prophet (Balsamic Moon, 45-0 degrees waning) – You’re at the end of this cycle, and clearing Karma fast. You can see the future bleeding through, both for individuals and for society, and aren’t afraid to share what you see. Many of your relationships are very intense, but short lived.

My thanks for these concepts to astrologer Marc Robertson, whose life-changing pamphlet Cosmopsychology: the Engine of Destiny is, unfortunately, no longer available.

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